Pre-College Conference




To participate, students must be first generation (parents have not received a bachelor's degree,) must be Pell grant eligible, and have gained acceptance into CMU's fall 2014 class.

What is the Pre-College Conference?

The Pre-College Conference is an annual conference hosted by the Pathways to Academic Student Success (Pathways) program at CMU. The conference is designed to help first generation families get a "head-start" on successfully transitioning from high school to college. The Pre-College Conference also hosts current CMU students.

The one day conference connects participants with CMU staff, administrators, and faculty via panel discussions and workshop sessions. Sessions include the following topics:

Incoming Student Track Current Student Track Parent Track
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Managing life as a college student
  • Choosing majors and minors
  • Residence Hall Life  
  • Paying for School
  • Graduate School and Career Preparation
  • Money Management

  • Coping with your child going away to college
  • How to support your college student
  • CMU lingo and key information