Student Resources

Student Service Court  
GPA Calculator
The GPA Calculator is an amazing resource for students to predict their

semester, cumulative, or major GPA. Click the link below to use the GPA Calculator.

                                                                 GPA Calculator                                                                                                                       What will Transfer?                                         Central Michigan provides a system to inform student on what classes will transfer. This tool can be used by both CMU students and non-CMU students.

What Will Transfer?
Academic Advising
Pathways helps students through various academic advising including on-site academic advising, creating 4-Year Plans, and information about time managment and studying.
Support Services
Central Michigan provides various resources to help support students on their way to graduation. Click the link below for a list of resources available to you. 
Support Services
Central Michigan provides a range of competitive merit- and talent-based scholarships. Click the link below to learn more about these opportunities or to apply for one or more of the available scholarships!
Scholarship Information.​