About -
Astra Schedule is a web based application used by the Registrar’s Office for scheduling on-campus academic sections into classrooms and events requesting classroom space. Accesses to functions within Astra Schedule application are determined by your CMU Global Id (GID) and the role that you are assigned. The general roles are as follows:

  • No CMU GID & Students - Astra Home, Holiday and Announcement Calendar
  • Faculty/Staff - Astra Home, Calendar and Events (Request Form only)
  • Department Chair & Office Professionals - Astra Home, Calendar, Academics (view only), Resources (view only), Events (view, Request Form, My Events) and Reporting

Currently there are guides for how to use and request an event, and sample reports available (not all inclusive). Coming soon will be a guide on how to run a report.

How To Access -
NOTE - Classroom request information for Faculty/Staff, please click here.

Click on AstraSchedule - you will be re-directed to the Astra Schedule Home page and will be prompted to enter your Global ID and password.

Information -
If you have questions, you may contact:

Elaine First
Assistant Registrar/Academic Space
Registrar's Office
Warriner 212
Ph: 989-774-7245
Fax: 989-774-3783
Email: first1em@cmich.edu

Notes -
Astra Schedule does not fully support Apple Safari and Google Chrome internet browsers. Some of the known problem areas which result in an "Application Error" are as follows:

  1. Any Functions attempted under "Calendars" tab.
  2. "Academics" tab, Sections - find sections by Instructor or selecting "View Meetings".
  3. "Events" tab, Events - find events selecting "View Meetings".

Apple users can download​ and use Mozilla FireFox for full support to the Astra Schedule application.