Our Mission

The Registrar's Office is an engaged University partner committed to continuous improvement and dedicated to supporting the CMU community. Our team of professionals works with integrity to provide accurate and effective services aligning with institutional policies and priorities as well as notable national best practices. Above all else, we strive to contribute to the ultimate success of our students.  

Contact us at (989) 774-3261


Keith Malkowski

(989) 774-7225  

Prior to joining CMU in 2015, Keith held roles as Registrar for Delta College and other leadership roles in Admissions, Assessment/Testing Services, and Academic Advising. Keith received his BA in History from Northern Michigan University and an MA in History from Marquette University.

Amy (002).jpg

Amy Faber

Associate Registrar 
Transfer Credit
NCAA Certification
(989) 774-7255

Amy started her career at CMU in August 1999. Since then, she has held leadership roles in the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, Academic Advising & Assistance, and College of Medicine. Amy is also a proud alumna, earning her BSBA and MBA from CMU. 

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Lee Cruppenink

Associate Registrar
Space & Scheduling
(989) 774-7247
Prior to joining CMU in August 2016, Lee held roles at Saginaw Valley State University and the University of Michigan-Flint. Lee holds a BA and M.Ed. from Saginaw Valley State University and an Ed.S. from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Executive Secretary - Deb Gross
Phone: (989) 774-7225

Student Records

Phone: (989) 774-3261, press option #3

Assistant Registrar Kay Rice
Senior Office Specialist - Carla Wentworth


Phone: (989) 774-3261, press option #1

Assistant Registrar Kimberly Bendele
Senior Office Specialist - Adam Gepford

Graduation Audits

Phone: (989) 774-3261, press option #4

Assistant Registrar - Sara Potter
Executive Office Specialist - Laura Dana; Patricia Schafer;
Ronda Haymaker; Denise Smith; Mary Theisen


Phone: (989) 774-3261, press option #4

Senior Office Specialist - Leah Clark

Transfer Credit

Phone: (989) 774-3261, press option #5

Assistant Registrar - Vicki Steele
Executive Office Specialist - Debra Stauffer; Kris Moore

Academic Space & Scheduling

Phone: (989) 774-3261, press #O

Assistant Registrar - Judy Flaugher
Administrative Secretary - Linda Bechtel; Amy Jordan