​When are the Class Schedules usually available?

The Class Schedules are usually available on the Registrar's web site ( Class Schedule/Course Offerings) for the  Fall Semester in mid-March, Spring Semester in mid-October and for the Summer Sessions in mid-February.

When may I register for classes?

The Registration dates and times for each semester are outlined in the Class Schedule and also in the Course Offerings section of our web site. Students are allowed to register by an Appointment Time Schedule according to total number of hours earned and hours in progress for the current term.

What do courses with letters mean? 


Freshman course - this course is primarily for new freshmen students.


​Honors section - restricted to students in the CMU honors program.


Quantitative Reasoning - these courses have the goal to establish quantitative reasoning and problem solving strategies. All students following the 2014-15 or later bulletin must complete one QR course but they are open to all students.​


​SAP Course - these courses are in the College of Business Administration and involve utilizing SAP technology.

​SL​Service Learning - these course all contain a component of service learning.
​WI​Writing Intensive - these courses have an extensive writing requirement. All students following the 2014-15 or later bulletin must complete WI courses but they are open to all students.


What is the difference between DROPPING a course and WITHDRAWING from a course?

Courses may be dropped with a full cancellation of tuition and fees any time before the course meets a second time. A student Withdrawing from all courses may be entitled to a full or partial cancellation of tuition according to the Refund Schedule printed in the Class Schedule.

After registration closes, students may withdraw from an individual course on CentralLink. The deadlines for withdrawing from an individual course are outlined in the semester calendar and also in the course detail on CentralLink.

  • The course will be recorded on the student's transcript with a grade of "W".
  • The instructor will be notified of the course withdrawal. In cases involving academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the Registrar's Office to reinstate the course and the instructor will submit the final grade.
  • Refer to the appropriate CMU Bulletin for complete policy.

For more information on Dropping Courses, please see the Registration section of this web site. For more information on Semester Withdrawals or Individual Course Withdrawals, please see the Records area of this web site.

How can I get a copy of my schedule of classes?

Students may view or print their schedule by accessing in Course Search and Registration or by selecting My Schedule in CentralLink.

When should I apply for graduation?

Submit your application for graduation early in the semester in which you will complete 86 credits, or approximately two semesters preceding your expected graduation date.

How do I tell if I can take a class at another school and transfer it back to Central?

You may access transfer equivalencies by clicking on the Transfer Credit Equivalency menu option on this web page. Please see Guest Applications in the Registration section of this web site regarding the guest student process for taking courses at another institution.

Will I be eligible to graduate with honors?

To graduate with honors, a student must have at the beginning of the last required session, a total cumulative grade point average at CMU of between a 3.50 and 4.00. You must also at that time have completed 45 hours of residence of which 33 are letter graded.

How do I change my address and/or phone number with the university?

CMU has the capability of maintaining up to two addresses for each student: Permanent and Local. Address and phone number changes may be made by logging onto CentralLink. For additional information, visit the Student Addresses link. If you no longer have a valid login to CentralLink, please contact the Registrar's Office.

How do I change my name with the university?

If you have a change of name, social security number, or date of birth correction , you may obtain the required form in the Registrar's Office, WA 212. The University reserves the right to require proof that the individual requesting the name change is known by and using the name requested for University records.

When are final exams?

The Examination Schedule for each semester is printed in the Class Schedule Book and also appears on the Calendar section of this web site.

Can I take any course credit/no credit?

Many, but not all, undergraduate courses are available with this grading option. There are a number of details pertaining to this policy. Please consult the Bulletin, the Class Schedule, or see our Credit/No Credit Policy. You should also consult your advisor before electing any course on this grading option.

What does auditing a course mean?

Students may audit a course with the department chair's permission. A student pays for the course and completes the work, but does not earn a regular grade or credit for the course. Please see Auditing a Course in the Registration section of this web site for complete information.

Does CMU post semester grades and academic history?

Yes, semester grades and your academic history are available on Centrallink. However, for information on obtaining an official transcript, please see our Transcript Information Page.

How do I check my grades?

You may access your grade report on CentralLink the Friday following final exam week. If grades are not available for the semester you wish to see, the My Academic History section on CentralLink contains grades for all previous semesters.

Can I get an official transcript by phone, or order it over the web?

Please see Transcript Information in the Records section of this web site.

How is my grade point average (GPA) calculated?

Letter graded (A-E) courses are figured into your cumulative GPA. Letter graded credit hours are divided into the total number of honor points to calculate the GPA. Use our GPA Calculators to help estimate your cumulative or major GPA.

Do I need to file a Repeat card if I am repeating a course?

No, it is not necessary. For additional questions on repeats, please see Repeating Courses in the Records section of this web site.

My lending institution requires enrollment verification covering past and current attendance signed by the Registrar's Office. I am not on campus. How do I get this verification?

Students may obtain enrollment certificates by accessing CentralLink, Academics and clicking on the Enrollment Verification (National Student Clearinghouse) link. A separate window will open, allowing the student to obtain an enrollment certificate to print and mail as needed. Students may also check their enrollment history, view student loan deferment notifications that have been sent to providers, view proofs of enrollment notifications that have been sent to health insurers and other providers, and view information about student loans.

Are there different withdrawal, credit/no credit and audit dates for classes that are less than a full semester?

Yes, there are different deadline dates. Individual withdrawal dates can be found by accessing "My Course Week" in Course/Search and Registration and hovering over the course from which you wish to withdrawal. For credit/no credit and audit deadlines for short-term courses, call the Registrar's Office (989-774-3261).

If I've received an incomplete grade and the deadline for completing the work has now passed, what happens to the grade of "I"?

In most cases the "I" would become the permanent grade. However, if the work has not been completed by the expiration date, the instructor may choose to issue you whatever grade he/she deems appropriate.

When do I need to have my major signed?

University policy requires students to have their major signed by the time they earn 56 credit hours.