Students can make appointments with advisors in Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) for pre-graduation audits any time after the signing of your major/minor. UAS advisors will compliment any advice you have already received with a comprehensive perspective of all university graduation regulations and requirements by completing your pre-graduation audit. Prior to scheduling this appointment you must meet with your departmental advisor to sign your major/minor.

Our advisors can help you determine:

  • appropriate CMU Bulletins to consult for graduation requirements
  • how changing your degree choice, major or minor will affect your graduation requirements
  • grade point requirements for your major/minor/degree
  • how to efficiently complete the graduation requirements for your major/minor/degree
  • courses you will need to complete a second degree

You may schedule an appointment with our advisors as often as desired following the signing of your major/minor by calling (989) 774-3504 or by visiting the office at Warriner 123.​​