Students interested in taking a course on a Credit/No Credit basis must submit a Credit/No Credit request form (see below). Courses that are available on a Credit/No Credit basis can be identified in Course Search and Registration. Please refer to your Academic Bulletin for more information regarding the University's Credit/No Credit policy.

Deadlines to submit this form are based on the following schedule:  

Length of Class:Card submitted last business day of:
11 - 16 weeks3rd week of class
6 - 10 weeks2nd week of class
2 - 5 weeks1st week of class
1 Week
1st day of class
6 - 8 weekends
Week after 2nd weekend of class
2 - 5 weekends
Week after 1st weekend of class
1 weekend class
Week preceding weekend of class

Students are encouraged to submit their Credit/No Credit request forms electronically to