The following is a typical academic load for a CMU undergraduate:

Semester/Session Typical Academic Load (Hours)
Fall Semester 15-18
Spring Semester 15-18
3 weeks of Summer Session 3
6 weeks of Summer Session 5-7
12 weeks of Summer Session 12-14

In order to graduate within four years with a degree, which requires a minimum of 124 hours of credit, a student must average at least 31 hours of credit each year.  Some degrees and majors have minimums above 124 hours.

Abilities and circumstances of students vary greatly.  Each student should weigh carefully these factors when deciding the number of hours to carry during a semester or session and the length of time to be expended in fulfilling requirements for a degree.  Some can carry lighter loads and take longer to fulfill the requirements.  As a guideline, freshmen are advised to take no more than 15 hours of credit during the first semester on campus.

Effective Fall 2004, no undergraduate student will be permitted to enroll in more than 21 credits per semester.  Exceptions may be granted with approval by the dean or his/her designee.