Course Search
Students can search for classes by selecting a semester and then search based on a subject and/or keyword. The keyword could include such information as a course title or identifier, section number, or instructor's name.

Building a Proposed Schedule
At this web-site, you may also build a proposed schedule prior to your appointed time to officially register. After finding classes that fit your schedule, add them to "My Schedule Builder", using the "+MY" button that appears or simply clicking the row of the selected class.

Adding courses to "My Schedule Builder" does not hold or guarantee a seat in the course; courses may fill prior to your registration appointment time. You are not officially registered for the course until you have clicked the green "Register" box and the course(s) is/are reflected as having the status "Registered". You may only register on or after your official registration time, please refer to the appropriate Appointment Time Schedule (Phase I or Phase II).