Key Contacts
​Main Numbers:
Registrar's/Records & Registration 774-3261
774-3783 (Fax)
Undergraduate Academic Services 774-3504
774-7252 (Fax)

Registrar's Office - WA 212
Karen Hutslar, Registrar 774-7226

Athletic Certification
56-Hour Rule
Competency Enforcement

Vicki Steele 774-7227
Distribution of Bulletins
Enrollment Reports/Statistics
Kelli Moeggenborg 774-7248
Reporting Don Curnow 774-3873
Records and Registration - WA 212
Dorene Root, Associate Registrar 774-7247
Registration - Drop/Add/Systems/Problems Jessie Barber 774-7246
Class Schedule Development
Room Scheduling
Elaine First 774-7245
Transcripts. Enrollment Verification,
Withdraws. Grade Changes, Recording
Deferred & Incomplete Grades, Repeats, Student Folders with Major/Minor Authorizations, Transfer Credit and Records Problems
Kay Rice 774-7235
Technical Services Tim Snellenberger 774-7230
Undergraduate Academic Services - WA 123
Linda Gillingham, Associate Registrar 774-3504
Major/Minor Authorizations/Modifications Deb McAlpin
Renae Pung
Degree Substitutions Fran Baker 774-3504
Transfer Credit Evaluations Joellyn Malmquist 774-7251
Graduation Audits Amy Faber 774-3504
Academic Advisement

Fran Baker
Deb McAlpin
Renae Pung
Megan Wertz

Issuing of Diplomas Kathy Parks 774-7254
Recording of Post Baccalaureate
  Non-Teaching Majors/Minors
Kathy Assmann 774-2401