Admission Requirements

If you are a student who is regularly matriculated and in good academic standing, you may apply as a guest student to another college or university. A guest student is urged to have the course(s) that he or she plans to take approved in advance by the Registrar's Office in Warriner 212 to determine if they will transfer. Guest admission is typically valid for one semester/session, and students must reapply for a subsequent semester/session.

When to Apply

You should apply well in advance--at least least one month prior to the start of classes.

How to Apply

Transferring Courses Back to CMU

In order to have the course(s) considered for credit by CMU, the student must request that the other institution send an official transcript once the course(s) has been completed to the following address:

Central Michigan University
Office of the Registrar
Warriner 212
Mount Pleasant MI 48859