Transfer Credit Equivalency Requirements and Conditions

Please read the following requirements and conditions governing the transfer of course credit to CMU. Click Here to check the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables.

CMU policies that affect transfer credit

Only those undergraduate courses earned at institutions that are regionally accredited or from a foreign university or college approved by the government or the official regulating agency of the country will be considered for transfer credit at Central Michigan University.

Recording of transfer credit on the student's permanent academic record will be completed following admission to the University and receipt of an official transcript of coursework sent directly from your previous institution.

Undergraduate students are not allowed to repeat a course more than three times. This includes repeats where they have earned a grade of A through E, or attempts where they were awarded grades of CR, NC, I, W, Z, or X. If a student has already repeated a course three times, they may not take it at another institution for transfer credit to Central Michigan University.

Transfer grade point requirements

Grades and or honor points are not transferable or recorded on the CMU permanent record. You must, however, earn at least a "C-" for a course to be considered for transfer. If you attend an institution that has numeric grading only, you may contact the Registrar's Office at (989) 774-3261 to verify the minimum grade required for transfer consideration.

Courses taken to fulfill CMU's competency requirements, Written English I and II, Oral English or Mathematics must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.00 or "C" to satisfy the competency.

If you are repeating a course already completed at CMU, you must receive a higher grade in the repeated class to have it considered for transfer credit. Remember, you may not repeat a course more than three times.

Community College transfers

Students transferring from a two-year community college must complete a minimum of sixty academic semester hours from an accredited four-year degree granting institution or from a foreign university or college approved by the government or the official regulating agency of the country.


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