Every applicant for graduation is required to submit an application for graduation.
Global Campus Students

  • Application for Graduation

On Campus Undergraduate Students
  • Application for Graduation

Applications are processed in the order they are received for each graduation. Submission should be based on the following timeline:

  • September 15 for May graduation
  • January 15 for August graduation
  • April 15 for December graduation

The application for graduation generates a graduation audit which is e-mailed to the student. 

On Campus Graduate Students

In order to graduate, the student must submit a Graduation Application form. The form must be submitted to the graduate studies office no later than the deadlines specified inside the front cover of the College of Graduate Studies Bulletin. At the time of filing the graduation application, it is the responsibility of the student to determine whether his/her adviser will be available to approve the thesis or to sign any other papers necessary for graduation. In the event the Student's adviser will not be available on campus at such a time, the student assumes responsibility for making suitable arrangements for the approval of the thesis, field study, dissertation, or other papers with the adviser prior to the adviser's departure.