Leadership Camp 2020 has gone virtual!  Join us on June 1, 3 or 5.  Camp is offered to admitted CMU students for fall 2020 and high school juniors who are considering CMU as their school of choice .

About Leadership Camp 2.0

Our follow-up program, LCamp 2.0, would normally be offered to juniors who attended Camp 2019 and are admitted to CMU for fall 2020.   These students are welcome to join us for virtual Camp in 2020.

Conference Fee

A $50 conference fee is required to reserve your space.  See our Cancellation and Fee Waiver Policies for answers to those questions.

What will happen at Leadership Camp?

You will spend time with the brightest, most energetic, and most promising group of new students of your graduating class! Upperclass students at CMU with extensive leadership experience will serve as facilitators for your group. They will help you explore the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and motivate you to become involved in leadership opportunities even before you attend your first class on campus. You will also discover many of the warm, wonderful traditions in place at Central Michigan University. Your group may even develop new traditions to share with future leaders at CMU!

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development

Watch our short video!

Please Note

Alcohol, vapes, and other illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, CMU is a Tobacco-Free Campus.  Failure to comply with the policies and rules will result in immediate dismissal from the program and referral to the Office of Student Conduct.