1. What is camp like?

Leadership Camp is a very fun and engaging 2 ½ days if it is in person, and 1 day if it is virtual. Participants are put into groups of 7-10 and spend a significant portion of their time with this small group.  Each group has 2 facilitators who are CMU juniors and seniors. Most of Camp is activity-based with many of the activities taking place in the small group with others taking place with the entire camp.  Participants are assigned to groups and rooms with students from other schools and communities to help them meet other students and prepare for college life.


2. Will we be in person or virtual?

University guidelines require that Camp 2021 be a virtual program to reduce the spread of Covid-19 from bringing people from all over the state and region to campus. While not an in-person experience, Leadership Camp staff are preparing a valuable and fun learning experience, and we hope that you will join us in May!

3. What is the difference between Leadership Camp and Leadership Safari?

Camp and Safari are based on two different models and have very different "feels" to them, and you are encouraged to do both if your schedule allows!

Leadership Camp exposes students to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and allows them to apply the model to their own lives. Camp will enhance participants' understanding of themselves as individuals and how they contribute to a more effective group that works on behalf of society. Camp also helps participants develop connections with other new students and some CMU student leaders as well as gets them familiar with campus. Around 150 students attend each session of Leadership Camp.

Leadership Safari™ hosts almost 2000 new students in August before classes begin.  It familiarizes students with campus and campus resources in addition to the activities and presentations they attend, including great social events.  The ultimate goal for Leadership Safari™ participants is for them to walk away with an introduction to everything CMU, an understanding of how to get involved on campus, new ideas to help them with their leadership development, and a base of new people to use as a resource during the academic year. Because of the differences, students are welcome to attend both. They won't regret it!

3. Can I bring a car?

 Not applicable in 2021! Participants are permitted to bring cars to campus during Camp. Parking is conveniently located near the residence hall where almost all of Camp takes place, and no permit is required. Participants are restricted from driving their vehicles until Camp is completed.


4. What will I gain from Camp that will make me different from other students?

Participants gain a significant ´heads up´ on-campus life. Participants begin making strong friendships that often last through their freshman year and beyond. They also gain insight on what it takes to be successful student leaders on CMU´s campus, in addition to knowing the impact they can make at CMU and their other communities.

5. I was involved a little in high school but really want to start fresh in college. Will I fit in? 

YES! The foundation of Leadership Camp is that each person is a leader and has something to offer. It´s not just the president of the club who is a leader but every member who contributes and is willing to make a difference.  Camp attendees come from all walks of life, and we recognize that we are better for it.

6. I´ve applied for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship. Do I have to attend Camp in order to be eligible for the scholarship?

No. Leadership Camp and the Leadership Advancement Scholarships are two different leadership opportunities and run by independent offices. Whether you end up receiving a scholarship or not, you will benefit from participating in Camp.


7. When do I pay my conference fee?  Can I cancel if something comes up?

The conference fee is due and payable upon registration. Registration is not completely processed until payment is received. Requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing and received by Leadership Camp prior to the state cancellation date, in order to receive a refund. Cancellation requests may be e-mailed to Leadership Camp at Lcamp@cmich.edu or faxed to (989)-774-6410. There will be no penalty if the student is unable to attend the conference and notifies the Leadership Camp office prior to the cancellation deadline listed above. Refunds will generally be issued within ten (10) days following review of the request.   Any questions or concerns regarding payment can be directed to the Office of Residence Life at (989) 774-6601.  Please note: the Quikpay System will accept most credit and debit cards.


8. Besides attending Leadership Camp and other programs, what else can I do to enhance my understanding of leadership principles?

Central Michigan University was the first public institution in Michigan to offer a minor in leadership. The Leadership Minor focuses on providing in-depth instruction on desired qualities of leaders, and on the application of such qualities. The minor will provide students with the courses and experiences necessary to serve as leaders in their community and professions. For more information, type "leadership minor" in the search bar.  There are also many opportunities for leadership development through the Leadership Institute, Residence Life, Center for Student Inclusion and Diversity, Volunteer Center, Student Activities and Involvement and through Registered Student Organizations.


9. Can I attend camp twice?

Not applicable in 2021! If you attended Leadership Camp at the end of your junior year of high school and are going to be part of the incoming freshman class at CMU after you graduate from high school, then yes! When we are in-person, we offer a Leadership Camp 2.0 experience for our returning junior participants, an opportunity to dig deeper into the Social Change Model and how to use it most effectively. Participants will be guided through different activities for a more extensive experience.


10. How are Fall residence hall room sign-ups handled since the housing sign-up begins at the same time as Leadership Camp I ends?

Not applicable in 2021! This is an annual happening, and the Leadership Camp staff will end the program a few minutes prior to 3 pm.  Students wanting to sign-up can log into their smartphones, laptops or access a computer at the library to select their fall room.  


11. Can I room with a friend?

Not applicable in 2021! Participants are assigned to groups and rooms with students from other schools and communities to help them meet other students and prepare for college life.  There are scheduled breaks and free time where friends can connect.


If you still have questions, please email us at lcamp@cmich.edu!