Virtual Schedule Example (One Day Program) 2021

9am- Welcome and Leadership Camp Overview

Me as a Leader, Defining Leadership

Community Standards

Leadership Metaphor, The 7 (8) C's of Leadership

Exploring the Individual

Exploring the Individual as Part of a Group

Defining and Exploring Citizenship

Leadership and Me, Collaborative Closing Ceremony

4:45pm- Closing & Wrap-up (completed by 5pm)

In Person Schedule Example (3 Day Program) *Returning 2022

Day 1

Noon - Check in and Welcome

Me as a Leader, Defining Leadership

Chair Sit

Community Standards


Music Metaphor

Social Change Model and the Seven C's

8pm - Scavenger Hunt and Ice Cream Social

10pm - Floor Meeting

Day 2

9am - Barometer Exercise

Lifeboat Exercise

Stand and Declare


High School Champions

Afternoon Activities

Dinner/Free TIme

Defining Citizenship Part 1

Star Power and Tap of Leadership

Citizens of Change

10:30pm - Mock Rock!

Day 3

8:30am - Service Project


Me as a Leader Revisited

2:30pm - Closing Ceremony and Statements