​Lofts are permitted but must be rented through BedLoft.com. If you decide to rent a loft, the university-provided furniture must be stored in your own residence hall room. All lofts must be removed and the bed reassembled two weeks before the end of the spring semester. The university has no provision for storing lofts over the summer, so they must be removed at the end of the year. Because the beds that are furnished in Campbell, Celani, Fabiano, Kesseler, Kulhavi and Robinson Halls may be lofted, students are not allowed to rent lofts. In addition, lofts are not allowed in Carey Hall because of the size of beds. 

Loft Company:

The University has an agreement with  www.bedloft.com.  Bedloft.com rents approved lofts to interested students. The  Residence Hall Assembly student leadership group receives a portion of all profits which helps support programs and activities for all residence hall students; however, Central Michigan University is not responsible or liable for the services and/or actions of Bedloft.com.