‚ÄčKulhavi Hall is proud to be the Transfer Student Community Theme Hall.

As a transfer student are you interested in living with other students who are also new transfer students at Central Michigan University? Kulhavi Hall will give you an opportunity to share your living experience with people who are also establishing their new, CMU, grade point average, will provide you with specific programs and activities for upper-class students, as well as academic advising unique to your needs.

For more information please contact Nathan Tomson, Assistant Director for Residential Education at tomso1nc@cmich.edu.

Why a Transfer Student Community?

Transfer students living in this community will benefit from a number of intrinsic amenities. Transfer students are often presented with many challenges when arriving on campus at a traditional four-year institution. The transfer community will allow transfer students the opportunity to socially network with other students who have found themselves in similar places in life. The community will help transfer students become better connected to University resources like Academic Advising, Career Counseling, social and professional organizations and opportunities and will have access to a staff member/mentor on their floor who is interested in their personal success and their connection to the University. It comes down to students living together with similar challenges and sharing in a common, supportive, fun experience.