Greek Week

Greek Week is a week-long fundraising event for a local or national philanthropy. Fraternities and sororities form teams to compete in fundraising and games to collect points to “win” the week. Ultimately, the entire community wins as students raise a significant amount of money for a great cause. In 2017, fraternities and sororities at CMU raised $83,500 for The Kristy Malter Memorial Fund and the Isabella County Child Advocacy Center.

Greek Convocation

Greek Convocation is a leadership retreat at the beginning of the fall semester for chapter executive boards and emerging leaders. It kicks off the excitement of the year, as well as provides time for reflection, team building activities and experiential learning opportunities to engage students in the continuous development of themselves as leaders.

Educational Modules

Online Hazing Prevention Module

This module is required of all new members to take during the semester in which they join their chapter. Created by SafeColleges by Vector Solutions, this module is a comprehensive course designed to break the cycle of hazing in Greek Life. Student learn through peer presenters and powerful testimonials, both from victims and perpetrators, the research-verified truth that hazing is not effective, it harms rather than helps organizations, how to avoid “group think,” and what to do if they are being hazed.

Online Alcohol Awareness, Prevention, and Training Module (AlcoholEdu)

This module is required of all new members to take during the semester in which they join their chapter. Created by EverFi, AlcoholEdu is an interactive online program that uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol and other drugs.

In-Person Sexual Assault Prevention and Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity Training

This in-person training is required of all new members to do during the semester in which they join their chapter. It is also required of the entire community to go through every other year. The next all community training will be in Spring 2020. This program invites Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates to discuss consent and prevention and a representative from OCRIE to discuss reporting structures at CMU.

Council Officers’ Retreat and Presidents’ Retreat

The retreats occur every spring semester as new executive boards for chapters and councils are elected. These retreats help student leaders set goals, learn conflict management and problem-solving skills, as well as collaboration, among many other skills to prepare them for their year of leadership.

§ Greeks Clean the Streets

This program is a partnership with the City of Mount Pleasant where between 3 and 5 weekends each semester are identified as target weekends when the city might need some extra cleaning up after large events. Greek members spend their mornings cleaning up litter from the campus and surrounding neighborhoods.