The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the local governing body for North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) fraternity chapters at the Central Michigan University. IFC works to promote the highest ideals of scholarship, leadership, service and fraternalism among its member organizations. IFC provides educational programming on a variety of topics to fraternity chapters and their members including leadership, risk management, alcohol awareness and scholarship. IFC consists of a 10 member elected executive council and a legislative body of fraternity representatives.

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National Founding Date: December 8, 1845

Local Founding Date:April 30, 1993

Colors: Cardinal and stone

Flower: Cardinal rose and yellow tea rose

Symbol: Phoenix

Philanthropies: RAINN, Ronald McDonald House, Humane Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, Homes for our Troops

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National Website


Instagram: @cmualphasigs

2019-2020 President:Charles Dunton -

National Founding Date: August 8, 1839

Local Founding Date:November 10, 1985

Colors: Delicate shades of pink and blue

Flower: Queen of the prairie rose

Symbol: Dragon

Philanthropies: United Way and Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum

Open Motto: Cooperation makes strength

National Website

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Instagram: @beta_cmich

2019-2020 President:Brandon Urban –

National Founding Date: December 24, 1824

Local Founding Date:October 7, 2017

Colors: Scarlet and blue

Symbol: Chakett

Philanthropies: RAINN

Open Motto: Truth, honor and personal integrity

National Website

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Instagram: @cmuchiphi

2019-2020 President:Matthew Schultz –

National Founding Date: December 10, 1869

Local Founding Date:November 17, 2012

Colors: Scarlet red and Emerald green

Flower: Lily of the Valley

Symbol: Star and crecent

Philanthropies: Military Heroes Campaign

National Website

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Twitter: @CMU_KappaSigma

Instagram: @cmukappasigma

2021-2022 President: Brady Buckingham - - 616-510-5116

2021-2022(Fall+Spring) Rush Chair: Kaelen Duda - - 586-453-3261

National Founding Date: December 30, 1848

Local Founding Date:November 7, 2015

Colors: Blue and white

Flower: White carnation

Symbol: The owl

Philanthropies: The ALS Foundation “Life Like Lou”

National Website

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Instagram: cmupdt

2019-2020 President:Matthew Schultz –

National Founding Date: March 1856

Local Founding Date: April 24, 2004

Colors: Royal purple and old gold

Flower: Violet

Symbol: Lion, Flure de Lis, Minerva, Phoenix

Philanthropies: Children’s Miracle Network

Open Motto: True gentlemen

National Website

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Instagram: cmupdt

2019-2020 President: Benjamin Wieringa –

National Founding Date: February 26, 1897

Local Founding Date: April 12, 2014

Colors: Lavender and white with gold as an auxiliary

Flower: Lavender orchid

Symbol: Owl

Philanthropies: The “ACE” Project and Donate Life

National Website

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Instagram: sigmapi_deltaphi

2019-2020 President: Michael Eller –

National Founding Date: June 28, 1920

Local Founding Date: January 21, 1914

Colors: Azure and white

Flower: White rose

Symbol: Knight

Philanthropies: Special Olympics, H.A.T.S. (Humane Animal Treatment Society)

National Website

Local Website

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Instagram: sigtaucmu

2019-2020 President: Colin Mahoney –

National Founding Date: January 10, 1899

Local Founding Date: May 29, 1954

Colors: Crimson Lake and Pure Silver

Flower: Red Carnation

Symbol: Equilateral Triangle

Philanthropies: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

National Website

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Instagram: tkecmu

2019-2020 President: Austin Peay –