Want to find your home here at CMU? Don't know where to start? Meet with a Peer Involvement Advisor!

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Who We Are: 

Highly involved upperclassmen students who are trained to help students find the involvement that is the right fit for their schedule, interests and goals.

What We Do: 

Meet one on one with any student looking to get more involved and enhance their CMU experience. Schedule appointments with our advisors according to your schedule and talk to a student who knows what it's like to be in your shoes.

Why You Should Get Involved: 

On average, involved students have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate. Getting involved in college helps you meet new people, gain professional experience within your major or minor, develop your leadership and communication skills and just have fun here at CMU! It builds up your resume and gives you experiences that make you a more well rounded student and future employee. 

Check out this article for more reasons you should get involved.

How to Contact Us: 

Fill out our Meeting Request form on Engage Central and a peer involvement advisor will be in contact with you shortly.

Office of Student Activities and Involvement

101 Bovee University Center

(989) 774-3016

Our Mission: 

To help first-year and uninvolved students who may not easily find involvement opportunities discover ways to get involved and engaged on campus. Peer Involvement Advisors (PIAs) provide campus resources for campus involvement and raise awareness of the importance of being involved. The PIAs serve as a bridge between new and uninvolved students and the Office of Student Activities & Involvement. Through the role of the PIAs, new and uninvolved students have access to peer advising and developmental support that will enable them to increase their level of engagement via social integration with the campus community. The PIAs strive to provide students with resources and support to get involved through one-on-one involvement advising sessions as well as outreach.