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To register for the 2019 Campus Department Challenge, click here!

What is the Campus Department Challenge?

The Campus Department Competition is an exciting week-long race comprised of three different events—Change for Change, CMU Trivia Contest and the ever popular Office Decoration Contest. Points will be awarded for the first, second and third place finishers in each event. The department with the most points at the end of the week will win a complimentary breakfast!

Check out the Campus Department Challenge guidelines.

What is Change for Change?

Change for Change is a competitive fundraiser to raise money for the CMU Student Food Pantry and to add an element of service and goodwill to the Homecoming Week festivities. This is also a good way to include everyone in your office, (including visitors!) to be actively involved in Homecoming Week. 

Begins Monday, October 6th. Ends Friday, October 11th at Noon.

What is the CMU Trivia Contest?

The CMU Trivia Contest will test your department’s knowledge of CMU. Members of the Homecoming Committee will visit your office to test your knowledge, so be ready to gather some brainy co-workers and face a list of tricky trivia questions.

Occurs on Friday, October 11th. Homecoming Ambassadors will travel around the offices to judge the decorating contest on this day and will conduct the trivia challenge during their visit.

What is the Office Decorating Contest?

The Office Decorating Contest is a chance for everyone in your department to come together and show your CMU and homecoming excitement! Decorate your office in the 2019 Homecoming theme: Music Festivals and be rewarded competition points for your CMU pride, homecoming spirit and creativity!

Have offices decorated the entire week—judging will occur Friday, October 11th.