Step 1: Update your organization information in Engage Central

You can begin this process by logging into Engage Central at

If you have questions on navigating this process, try watching our step-by-step tutorial video. If you are not the admin of the portal or are having other issues with Engage Central , please complete a help request. If you're creating a new organization, you can access a sample constitution here.

Step 2: Send the President the Risk Management form

If you are the president, complete the president of risk management form now. If you are not, please share this link with them. This form can be completed here: 

Step 3: Send your advisor the link to complete the Advisor Approval Form

You can send them this link:

Step 4: Send the Officer Position Acceptance link to your Vice President and Treasurer

Vice Presidents and Treasurers are required to accept their position in order for your organization to be re-registered. Remember that all officers must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be able to serve in their position. You can send them this link to approve their positions:

Step 5: Register three officers from your organization for Get Organized: Student Organization Orientation.

Organizations who did not attend Get Organized should schedule a make up session with a student organization specialist. This meeting can be scheduled here:

Step 6: Complete Online Hazing Prevention Training

Your president, vice president and treasurer from each organization will be required to participate in an online hazing prevention training as part of the re-registration process. You can view the steps to training here: Hazing Prevention Training Instructions 

Step 7: Register for MainStage

MainStage will take place on Thursday, August 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Student organization participation in this training is completely optional, but you must be registered by Friday, August 16. Register for MainStage here. 

Step 8: Request space for your organizations meeting

The online space request form will be available on August 1, 2019. You may submit space requests upon completion of Step 1, but your organization will not be able to utilize space until you have completed steps 2-6 of this process. A video tutorial of this process will be available soon.