In order to receive funding for a project, it must abide by the criteria set in the Project Guidelines. Please read through the guidelines to make sure your project is eligible to receive funding.

Download the SBAC Project Guidelines.

Application Materials:

    • Proceed to the online SBAC application.
    • The budget request form must be completed and submitted with the online SBAC application. Click here to download the budget request form.
    • Click here to see a sample budget request form.

After the Project:

    • Click here to complete the SBAC Evaluation Form.

Misc. SBAC Information:

    • Click here to access the SBAC Logo for advertising purposes. All events that receive SBAC funding must incorporate the SBAC logo in advertising or include the following statement: "This activity is funded in part by the SBAC."

Working with Contracts:

RSOs that want to bring someone to campus (such as a speaker or performer) must have a contract made between the RSO and the individual. Additionally, the individual must fill out a IRS W9 form, and an ACH Direct Deposit authorization form.

For more information, contact the SBAC Chairperson: Kailyn Delmotte, at delmo1km@cmich.edu