The Student Budget Allocation Committee (SBAC) is a sub-committee of the Student Government Association which provides funding to assist RSOs to host programs on campus.  SBAC also provides financial supports to assist members of RSOs in their efforts to attend conferences.

For Those Who Are New to the SBAC Process:

    • What is SBAC?: Read through the following presentation to learn the basics about the SBAC Process: SBAC Presentation.


SBAC Funding is open for the 2020/2021 School Year. Please make sure applications and required documentation are turned in at least 4 weeks prior to a project/conference taking place. If necessary materials are not turned in in a timely manner, the SBAC cannot guarantee that an RSO will receive funding.

  • SBAC Projects/Programming - please select this choice if you want to put on an event/program/project here on CMU's campus. Due to current restrictions, we are not able to accept applications for in-person events, but are able to accept applications for virtual events. Please contact sbac@cmich.edu with questions.
  • SBAC Conferences - please select this choice if you are attending a conference off campus. Due to current travel restrictions, we are not able to accept application for travel. If this changes, student organizations will be notified.

The SBAC Chairperson, Namita Chauhan, can be contacted at sbac@cmich.edu for individuals with questions or concerns.