The Care Team remains active and is regularly reviewing and responding to Care reports.  Please submit a Care report if you are concerned about a student’s academic or personal well-being.

Welcome to Central Michigan University’s Care Team’s website. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the resources available on this site and the process associated with submitting a Care Report. Employee Care reports are forwarded directly to the Human Resources Office (for staff) or the Faculty Personnel Services Office (for faculty). Only student Care Reports are forwarded to the Care Team for review.


When you submit a student report to the Care Team, you are informing the Care Team that you have seen/heard something from or about a student that causes you to be significantly concerned about the student’s health, well-being, safety and/or academic success.  Your report may be the activating event that helps the student get connected to appropriate campus resources, or you may be providing supplemental information about a student that assists in our ability to more appropriately reach out to support the student. 

The goal of the Care Team is to develop individualized plans to support students who are struggling or having a difficult time.

A Care Report may be submitted by using the link below. 
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