The Care Team works most effectively when the university community members share information about students in distress through Care Reports, telephone conversations, or in person with the Care Team Coordinator.  Once a student has been identified as needing support, the Care Team can best respond with an inclusive and individualized response often working with the individual(s) most closely connected with the student in need.  Connecting with students in distress can take on many forms (e.g., email, telephone calls, check-ins from a resident assistant, communication with instructors, etc.).  The appropriateness of each contact method is addressed by the Care Team and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

When only one individual has submitted a Care Report about a student in need, opportunities for gathering additional information are not lost.  Student names and Care Report information are brought to a small, confidential group of campus officials, known as the Care Team, once each week during the academic year and other times as needed.  This team determines if other offices have information about the identified student that may help to understand the student’s needs and level of concern.

Including the student in the conversation

We encourage faculty, staff, students, and parents to address their concerns with the student prior to submitting a Care Report, although we are aware this is not always possible.  Speaking openly with the student about the Care reporter’s concerns and his/her decision to submit a Care Report, lets the student know that the person submitting a Care Report cares about the student’s success and that resources are available.  Talking with the student about submitting a Care Report also affirms the usefulness of the Care Team, engages the student in his/her own process, and creates a transparent relationship between the student and the helping providers.

Follow up

After submitting a report, we encourage those that make reports to the Care Team to check in with the Care Team Coordinator whenever he/she has an update, a change in the level of concern (both positive and negative), or questions about the student’s current status.  The coordinator will share information as appropriate and when it is in the student’s best interest.

Information about when to submit a Care Report, how to speak with a distressed student, Care-related resources, and other frequently asked questions can be found elsewhere on this website. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact the Care Team Coordinator at 989-774-2273 (Care Line).