When a staff member is concerned about a student

Staff members at CMU engage with students on multiple levels and for multiple reasons.  While some interactions with students are brief and routine, others may be frequent and personal.  No matter what level of engagement a staff member has with a student, the fact that the student has connected with a resource on campus can be a meaningful piece of the student’s overall puzzle.

Staff is encouraged to submit a Care Report when there is a reason to be concerned about a student.  Depending on the staff member’s positions within the university, the perspective of the report will vary.  Staff members may have significant concern and/or information about a student’s:

  • Ability/disability
  • Academic performance
  • Athletic performance
  • Attendance at meetings and respond to messages
  • Family dynamics
  • Financial difficulties
  • Personal and professional obligations
  • Relationships in the residence halls

Each staff member has a unique opportunity to contribute to a student’s well-being through the submission of a Care Report.  This information may be the activating event that gets the student connected to other campus resources, or maybe an important piece of information to add to a previously submitted report.

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Submit a Care Report

Care Related-Resources Available to Staff 

One-on-one consultations

If you have concerns about a student, are unsure how to engage with a student of concern, or would like to talk through a challenging situation, one-on-one consultations are available with the Care Team Coordinator. The meeting can be held over the phone, in your office, in the Office of Student Affairs, or another on-campus location - wherever you prefer.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Care Team Coordinator at 989-774-2273 (Care Line).

Case consultation

In certain circumstances a consultation may be necessary to discuss the best approach for a student in crisis.  The Care Team Coordinator is available to attend a case consultation established by members of your department or to convene a meeting with other campus officials if the situation warrants this approach.  If you believe a consultation is necessary, it is important to share information about the student in distress via a Care Report.


The Care Team Coordinator is available to provide presentations to your department based on the department’s needs and desire for more information.  If you or your department would like more information about working with students in distress, how/when to submit a Care Report, establishing healthy boundaries in your classroom, or recognizing signs of concerning behavior, call the Care Team Coordinator at (989-774-2273) to schedule an appointment.

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When concerned about a student

When possible, we encourage faculty and staff to address their concerns about health, wellbeing, safety and academic performance with the student prior to submitting a Care Report, although we are aware this is not always possible.  Speaking openly with the student about a faculty/staff members concerns and his/her decision to submit a Care Report lets the student know that the faculty/staff member cares about the student’s success and that resources are available to support and assist the student.  Talking with the student about submitting a Care Report also affirms the usefulness of the Care Team, engages the student in his/her own process, and creates a transparent relationship between the student and helping providers.  The following text may assist you in this effort.

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Counseling-related concerns

If you believe a friend would benefit from using the services provided by CMU’s Counseling Center, or have questions about the resources it offers, please contact the Counseling Center.  Counselors are available to discuss your concerns and offer suggestions based upon the confidential counseling and counseling-related resources that are available at the Counseling Center.  The center can be contacted at 989-774-3381.  See the Counseling Center’s website for additional information on the center, community referrals, self-help resources, and other related counseling information.

See also the following: Information on Helping Others

Email correspondence

It is not uncommon for staff members to receive email communication that causes them to be concerned about the student who sent the email.  The following is one possible staff response to such an email:

Thank you so much for sharing this with me - it sounds like you are going through a tough time.  Do you know about the Care Team? The Care Team is one of the ways that we support students at CMU.  It allows me to send a note to a few administrators who may be able to help you with this situation.  The people who get this information will not spread it widely throughout campus-they will only share limited information if it is necessary to assist you.  I use the Care Report system when my level of concern for a student indicates that the student may need inclusive, multi-layered support from the campus community.  I think you could benefit from this support so I plan to write to the Care Team. Do you have any questions about this?