The questions below are meant to help in making a decision about whether or not a Care Report is submitted. They are intended to help reporters determine whether their concern about a student is best addressed through the Care system or if another approach using other campus resources would be of greater benefit to the student.  

If your concern involves an immediate safety risk to self or others, please stop and call 911 or contact CMU Police at 989-774-3081. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to file a Care concern which is reviewed Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. when CMU is open.

Questions to consider before submitting a Care Report 

Individuals are encouraged to consider the following questions and to submit a Care Report via the link below for those situations that Care Team action may be of assistance to the student. 

  1. Have you noticed a change in the student's behavior? For example, the student was attending class regularly and has stopped showing up, the student is looking more and more disheveled and "out of it", the student's academic performance is declining, the student's behavior is erratic, or the student states he or she is considering self-harm or suicide. 
  2. Is the student presenting to you in a way that has you concerned for his/her wellbeing? For example, the student is making poor choices, you have received a concerning email from the student, the student doesn't seem to have many social connections, the student presents as angry or confrontational.  
  3. Does the student need support from multiple campus resources? Determine whether the concern should be addressed by connecting the student with more than one other office on campus.
  4. Is the student experiencing multiple levels of distress? For example, poor academic performance and looking disheveled, the student stops attending class and responding to your attempts to reach out, you have reason to believe the student may be experiencing hardships in living outside of what you are able to actually see or hear.
  5. Do you have concerns that this student may harm him/herself or others? If yes, please review Student's Health, Safety, and Behavior Procedures to follow. 
  6. Is your concern great enough to enlist multiple campus resources? The Care system is designed to determine if a student is experiencing a level of distress that necessitates checking in with campus resources (e.g., Residence Life, Academic Advising, Student Disability Services, CMU Police, Office of Student Affairs, etc.) before contacting the student directly. The purpose of reaching out to these offices is to determine if the student has presented concerns to other university departments and to determine: 1) Who is the best person to reach out to the student; and 2) With all the information available, what is the best course of action to intervene with the student to provide support and assistance.  

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