The Care Team remains active and is regularly reviewing and responding to Care reports.  Please submit a Care report if you are concerned about a student’s academic or personal well-being.


CMU adheres to Core Values of integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence, and innovation.  We deeply care about the health, well-being, safety, and success of our students and our employees. 

The Care Team

The Care Team is a small group of CMU staff and faculty who meet weekly during the academic year and at other times as needed to develop individualized plans to support students who are struggling or having a difficult time.  The information shared in this group is confidential and is used for the purpose of determining the best approach to reach out to the student in distress. Care Report information is shared in this meeting along with selected information available from the team members’ respective offices. The Care Team Coordinator convenes the Care Team meetings and assigns a Care Situation Manager to specific situations. Please note that only concerns related to students are forwarded to the Care Team.


Currently, this group is comprised of a representative from Residence Life, CMU Police, Office of Student Conduct, Student Disability Services, Counseling Center, Veterans Resource Center, Sexual Aggression Services, Athletics, Office of Student Success, and the Office of Student Affairs. Confidential Counseling Center information is NOT shared in Care Team meetings. 

The Care Report

A student Care Report is submitted to the Care Team when one has significant concerns about the health, well-being, and/or academic success of a CMU student. Care Reports are reviewed by the Care Team, intervention plans developed, and some reports are reviewed by the Care Team for discussion and specialized intervention planning.  Employee Care Reports are directly forwarded to either Human Resources (for staff) or Faculty Personnel Services (for faculty).

If your concern involves an immediate safety risk to self or others, please stop and call 911 or contact CMU Police at 989-774-3081. Otherwise, please click on the link below to file a Care concern which is reviewed Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:30 p.m. when CMU is open.  

Submit a Care Report

Take Care

CMU’s Take Care initiative strives to strengthen and further develop a community of caring individuals who look out for and take care of others as well as themselves.  Through Central Michigan University’s Take Care initiative, you are encouraged to observe what is going on around you, notice potentially dangerous or serious situations, and respond to the best of your ability to influence a better outcome. For further information visit the Take Care initiative website.