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Practicum/Internship Opportunities

The Counseling Center at Central Michigan University offers a practicum/internship site for selected individuals who choose to extend their professional learning experience in an applied setting. The practical and applied training available through the Counseling Center is especially appropriate for upper level graduate students who are in the process of fulfilling degree requirements in counseling, psychology, or a closely related area. Although specific Counseling Center requirements must be met, each student is encouraged to pursue his or her area of expertise within a program designed to meet the needs of both the Counseling Center as well as the student.

Students selected for a practicum/internship will function as a member of the staff. This desirable atmosphere allows the student to not only receive specialized attention, i.e., individual supervision, but also to experience an ongoing sense of community and camaraderie. Through this philosophy the student is allowed a "real-life" job setting in which experiential learning can occur.

Application Procedure

Individuals wishing to apply for a practicum/internship experience must submit appropriate materials to the Counseling Center March 20, 2020 or by the 1st Friday after CMU's Spring Break. For further information on deadlines, application procedures and requirements, please contact the Counseling Center Executive Director or Associate Director at 989-774-3381.