The Mission of the Counseling Center is to provide services and programs which enable students to develop skills, attitudes, and behaviors essential for personal growth, successful academic progress, and student effectiveness.

The Counseling Center vision is to deliver quality Counseling Center services that enhance the CMU community, facilitate personal growth and wellbeing, support inclusivity and diversity, and promote student engagement and success. ​

Shared Beliefs and Values
The Counseling Center supports the teaching, research, and service missions of the university. It is our vision to:  ​​​​

  • Provide excellent service to the university community
  • Ensure continual staff professional development
  • Work cooperatively with other offices to deliver courteous and effective services to students
  • Value equality and understanding of the richness of diversity within the university community and of the unique needs of its special populations, and to continually evaluate and advance the services to these populations 
  • Maintain an atmosphere of open communication, mutual trust, respect, and support in which individuals can achieve their full potential

The Counseling Center is a multifaceted unit which has the following main objectives:

  1. To provide individual counseling services to students.
  2. To help students develop a career direction.
  3. To provide counseling/support groups, outreach, and workshops.
  4. To provide an internship/practicum educational experience for graduate student.
  5. To maintain a strong working alliance with Residence Life, Admissions, Academic. Services, Academic Assistance, Career Services, CMU Police, CMU Health, International Education, Registrar's Office, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Student Life, Office of Institutional Diversity, and other service offices.
  6. To provide on-call emergency/crisis intervention services.
  7. To provide consultation services to members of the university community.
  8. To conduct outcomes assessment, evaluation studies, and applied research.
  9. To serve the university, local community, and profession in appropriate ways​.