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Welcome to Group Counseling

Group counseling helps people solve problems and enhance their personal growth and development. Your progress will depend primarily upon the nature of your problems and how hard you work to solve them.

Information You Should Know About Group Counseling:

  • Group counseling involves personal, academic, or career concerns with group members.
  • There is no fee.
  • Discussions within the group are confidential except when the counselor believes a person might act on the idea of harming him/herself or someone else, when child abuse or neglect is reported, or when information is requested by court order. If you are receiving individual counseling within the center, the group leader may choose to communicate with your individual counselor. If this is a concern to you please discuss it with your counselor.
  • The number of sessions the group meets is determined by the counselor.
  • Some of the groups will close or not accept new members after a few weeks. If members need to miss a session, contact with the counselor prior to the session will be appreciated. If at any time you wish to stop attending the group tell your counselor. This will allow us to serve students best.
  • If you are uncomfortable with your attending the group, please discuss this with your counselor and/or the group. Decisions to stop group or switch to individual counseling often are appropriate choices and will be respected. On occasion, counselors will make referrals to appropriate resources in the community.

Feel free to discuss questions or concerns you might have about the Counseling Center with any of our counselors.

Support Groups/Workshops



Spring Semester 2015
Stress and Anxiety Management Group  Learn basic relaxation skills you can use at anytime!  Please join Counselor Education Intern Courtney Klaus and Melissa Hutchinson, LPC on Fridays, starting January 30, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in Foust Hall 103. Call or email Courtney at 989-774-3381 or with any questions.
Dysfunctional Families Group  Learn coping skills to deal with the negative emotional social effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Join Kristie Birchmeier, MA, LPC on Fridays starting January 16 - May 1, 2015 at 1:00 -1:50 p.m. Foust Hall 103.  Call or email Kristie with any questions, 989-774-3381 or
Sexual Assault Support Group   The group is open to CMU students who have experienced past or current experiences of sexual assault. This group will meet on  Thursdays from 3:00 - 3: 50 p.m.  starting January 15 in Foust Hall 103.  Call or email Brooke Oliver-Hempenstall with any questions; 989-774-3381 or
Intimate Partner Violence Support Group for those who have experienced or continue to experience power and control tactics by a current or former partner. Join Brooke Oliver-Hempenstall, LPC along with Counseling Education intern Megan Varner, B.S. on Mondays starting January 19 from 2:00 p.m. - 2:50 p.m. in Foust Hall 103.  Questions?  Call the Counseling Center at 989-774-3381 or email Brooke

Grief and Loss Support Group  An opportunity to share, explore, and work through your grief with others who have experienced loss.  Join Julie Wellman, MA, LLPC on Fridays starting February 6 - April 24, 2015 in Foust Hall 103 from 2:00p - 2:50p.  Questions?  Call the Counseling Center at 989-774-3381 or email Julie

International Student Support Group This 1 hour support group running for the fall semester aims to explore your thoughts and feelings about arriving and studying in a new country, as well as offering new perspectives and skills to cope with situations that involve interacting in a different way. Every Friday, starting January 23, 3:00p - 4:30p. Foust Hall 103. Call the Counseling Center at 989-774-3381 or email Chun Fang Frank Kuo, Ph.D., LLP

Coming Out Support Group  A confidential, counselor-facilitated support group for individuals at any stage of the coming out process. Please call the Counseling Center at 989-774-3381 or email Seth Courrage to inquire about time and date.

Labyrinth Workshops.The Counseling Center has a 24-foot diameter canvas labyrinth. Labyrinth workshops are available for classes and RSOs. The labyrinth path is a symbol for one's life journey and can be walked individually or collectively. The walk offers opportunities for reflection, relaxation, creativity, problem solving, and team building. Please contact Michelle Bigard at or by calling 774-3381.