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The Counseling Center provides counseling services to CMU students who voluntarily access Counseling Center resources. Many students self-select or are recommended by campus partners and others to seek counseling to address their personal and emotional needs.

Other students may be struggling, unsure of their needs or the help available to address them. They may have opened up to you personally, or you may have noticed their struggles and want to reach out and assist in some way but are unsure how to help.

Whether your relationship with students is by nature, personal or professional, you are in a position to make an impact. Two primary ways to provide support are found by clicking below on Reaching out to Students and File a Care Report.


Counselors at the Counseling Center are also available for consultation by calling 989-774-3381

Note: If your concern is about a student’s immediate health and safety, call 911.

Reaching out to Students

Reach out with empathy and validation

Your recognition of their struggle, expression of care and concern, willingness to listen, problem solve if applicable and/or help link to resources communicates to students that they are not alone in their struggles and opens the door for further conversation and help seeking.

Your involvement with students in need can be stressful. It is important for you to practice self-care, set personal and professional boundaries as well as reach out for support for yourself.

These resources below offer guidance regarding what to look for and how to begin to address concerns with a student you care about.

Signs of mental health crisis in college students

File A Care Report

When you find that your expression of empathic concern is not enough and that the student needs assistance linking to professional and campus resources, let the student know you will submit a Care Report. Students are made aware of the Care process during orientation. You can also submit a Care Report anonymously.

CMU Cares initiative identifies and reaches out to students regarding a variety of needs and concerns to support their health, wellbeing and success. Through Care Reports, the multidisciplinary Care Team, comprised of members of various CMU offices, can connect students with the appropriate levels of support.

Filing a Care Report can be the first step in helping someone get connected. If you would like to learn more about CMU Cares and Care Reports click on CMU Cares. Already familiar with CMU Cares? Click on link below to file a care report.

CMU Cares
File a care report for a student
File a care report for faculty or staff member 

For Faculty and Staff

Video Resources

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