For a printable version of the current Student Support Groups and Workshops, click or touchCounseling Center Student Support Groups.pdf.

Grief and Loss Support Group 
A counselor-lead support group where students can explore and learn more about grief. Open to CMU students who have experienced any type of loss, recently or in the past.
Time:  Fridays, 1 pm, starting January 27, 2017 
Location:  Foust Hall 103
Facilitator:  Julie Wellman, MA, LLPC

International Student Support Group 
This 1 hour support group running for the Spring Semester aims to explore your thoughts and feelings about arriving and studying in a new country, as well as offering new perspectives and skills to cope with situations that involve interacting in a different way.
Time:  Fridays, 3 pm, starting January 13, 2017 
Location:  Foust Hall 103
Facilitator:  Frank Kuo, Ph.D., LLP

Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group  
A support group for CMU students who have experienced a recent or past sexual assault.  Time:  Thursdays, 3 pm, starting January 12, 2017
Location:  Foust Hall 103
Facilitator:  Megan Varner, MA, LLPC

A confidential, counselor-facilitated support group for LGBTQ+ individuals and to feel positive about their sexual and gender identity. 
Time:  Fridays, 2 pm, starting February 2, 2017 
Location:  Foust Hall 103 
Facilitator:  Cory Cole, MSW, LMSW

Labyrinth Workshops
The Counseling Center has a 24-foot diameter canvas labyrinth.  Labyrinth workshops are available for classes and RSOs.  The labyrinth path is a symbol for one's life journey and can be walked individually or collectively.  The walk offers opportunities for reflection, creativity, problem solving, and team building.  Please contact Michelle Bigard at or by calling 989-774-3381.