YouTube: Psychological First Aid – Minnesota Department of Health (11 minutes)

For supporting information see: Minnesota Psychological First Aid Training Resources Includes:
        PFA Presentation for Local Health Departments
        PFA Presentation for K-12 Schools
        PFA Pocket Card for Providers
        PFA Provider Self-Care Pocket Card

University of Minnesota PHET Series: Crisis Intervention During Disaster
(Approximately 20-40 minutes)

Psychological First Aid (PFA): Helping People Cope During Disasters & Public Health Emergencies (Approximately 53 minutes)

Training on Psychological First Aid (Approximately 6 hours)

PFA training can be provided face-to-face or online; ).  This is a 6-hour interactive course that puts the participant in the role of a provider in a post-disaster scene. This professionally narrated course is for individuals new to disaster responses who want to learn the core goals of PFA, as well as for seasoned practitioners who want a review. It features innovative activities, video demonstrations, and mentor tips from the nation’s trauma experts and survivors. PFA online also offers a Learning Community where participants can share about experiences using PFA in the field, receive guidance during times of disaster, and obtain additional resources and training.