Virtual Toolbox
Free Apps
A list of apps that can help with mood and day-to-day management:

Famous Failures (good for keeping a healthy perspective)

How to be Alone – with art and spirit (good for keeping a healthy perspective)

Inspirational Nature Video (good for motivation/stress relief)

Amazing Capoeira Performance (entertaining, motivational, good for stress relief)

AirTap (entertaining, good for stress relief)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (good internet practices)

Animal Voiceovers (good for a laugh)

Welcome the Rain (reasons to embrace challenge)

Party Survival Guide for Introverts
How to Ask your Crush on a Date
Dealing with Jealousy
Guide To Maintaining Friendships
Automatic Thoughts (How to Manage Negative Thoughts)
Balance Your Future and Present Self
The Workplace Stress Solution
Relaxation Tools
Guided imagery and visualization are techniques used to help you imagine yourself being in a relaxing and positive state.  Listen to these recordings, and they will help you reduce anxiety, improve self-confidence, and cope more effectively with difficult situations.
University of Houston Clear Lake Counseling Center's Guided Imagery and Visualization:
This webpage has a listing of numerous, helpful audo recordings
University of Texas at Austin’s MindBody Lab Audio Relaxation Tracks:
Forest Imagery:
Cruise Imagery:
Muscle Relaxation:
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center: 
Free Podcasts “Complete Meditation Instructions,” “Breathing Meditation,” “Breath, Sound, Body Meditation,” “Meditation for Working with Difficulties,” “Loving Kindness Medication,” “Body and Sound Meditation,” and “Body Scan for Sleep”
The Meditation Podcast: Go to this link ( and you can stream or download the following episodes:

  • Twenty-one - The Unknown - Apr '12
  • Twenty - A Short Meditation - Mar '12
  • Nineteen - Money - Feb '12
  • Eighteen - Our Story - Jan '12
  • Seventeen - Renewal - Dec '11
  • Sixteen - Sit Still and Breathe - Nov '11
  • Fifteen - Wake Up! - Nov '11
  • Fourteen - Rejuvenating Sleep - Nov '11
  • Thirteen - Finding Your voice - Oct '11
  • Twelve - Peace - Dec '09
  • Eleven - The Healing Smile - Jul '09
  • Ten - Releasing Fear - Oct '07
  • Nine - Addiction - Jun '07
  • Eight - Transformational Breathing - May '07
  • Seven - Your Sacred Space - Apr '07
  • Six - Falling Asleep - Mar '07
  • Five - Healing Series, Part 2 - Feb '07
  • Four - Healing Series, Part 1 - Jan '07
  • Three - Positive Thoughts - Dec '06
  • Two - Calming the Body - Nov '06
  • One - A Basic Meditation - Oct '06
Guidebooks for Academic Strategies

Note Taking Strategies

Test Taking Strategies

Study Strategies

Research: How To’s

Time Management Strategies

Free self-help workbooks that can be downloaded or completed on-line

Assert Yourself! Improve your Assertiveness.

Back from the Bluez: Coping with Depression

Facing Your Feelings: ***NEW*** Overcoming Distress Intolerance

Helping Health Anxiety:  Overcoming Health Anxiety

Keeping Your Balance: Coping with Bipolar Disorder

Improving Self-Esteem Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Panic Stations: Coping with Panic Attacks

Perfectionism in Perspective: Overcoming Perfectionism

Put Off Procrastinating! Overcoming Procrastination

Shy No Longer Coping with Social Anxiety

What? Me Worry!?! Mastering Your Worries

Self-help guide for Generalized Anxiety Disorder