Messages that are considered to be of possible interest to most students may be approved for distribution by the Office of Student Activities and Involvement. The likelihood of approval is greatly enhanced when the message is deemed important to most of the student body. Examples include speakers coming to campus, concerts, theatre productions, major social events (e.g., Gentle Friday), and athletic competitions.

  • Announcements may be submitted only by current CMU faculty, staff and the recognized leadership of registered student organizations.
  • Announcements must reasonably relate to university activities. CMU reserves the right to make exceptions.
  • Announcements will not be repeated.
  • Announcements should be no more than 100 words in length.
  • Announcements intended for a limited audience or not deemed appropriate for STUDENTNEWS will not be approved.
  • Announcements should be submitted at least three days prior to the 5pm Monday  STUDENTNEWS run date.
  • Not all CMU students enrolled on the Mt. Pleasant campus use e-mail and some students might unsubscribe to STUDENTNEWS.

Procedures to submit an announcement

Announcements intended for CMU students must be sent by e-mail to studentnews@cmich.eduThe subject line of the e-mail message must be the title of the announcement, written in all capital letters. This title also must be the first line of the announcements written in all capital letters.  Do not use underlining or bolding or special type features.  Announcements must include the following information for the person submitting the announcements: name, department or office name (if applicable), name of registered student organization (if applicable), complete telephone number, and e-mail address. This should be written in parenthesis at the end of the message. Please use the following format: (Submitted by: Name, office name/organization, complete telephone number, e-mail address).  A signature file may not be used as a substitute for the submission information requirement listed above. Please turn off your signature file before sending the announcement. Announcements must be 100 words or fewer, including the title and the required submission information at the end of each announcement. Messages that are longer than 100 words may be edited by the Office of Student Activities and Involvement staff or may be returned to the sender for editing.  Announcements must be one paragraph only, and they must be prior to the scheduled event. One set of announcements will be sent each Tuesday morning. The Office of Student Activities and Involvement reserves the right to edit or reject announcements for any reason, including but not limited to noncompliance with the university’s advocacy policy or the fund-raising sales and soliciting policy. Do not send the announcement as an attachment. The announcement must be typed directly into the body of an email message. E-mail messages with attachments will be returned.  Double check all dates, times, locations, and web site links included in your announcement. CMU’s student distribution list has more than 20,000 Mt. Pleasant campus student subscribers. Please keep this in mind when writing your message, and double check it for accuracy.

Revised 3/19/14