​​​​Who are the SAPA's?

Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (SAPA) is a volunteer, para-professional student operated organization at Central Michigan University in Mt​. Pleasant, Michigan. 

We are a confidential 24-hour crisis line 989-774-2255 (call) that runs during the school year along with an online crisis chat that runs the same time. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be there for those affected by these issues and believe, listen, and support in whatever way we can. 

Ultimately, our goal is to end all forms of sexual aggression; and to that end:  We also offer educational programs for audiences of 5 to 500.  We have multiple programs to choose from, all working to give a better understanding of sexual aggression, along with specialty programs for specific topics. 

Our flagship program is called No Zebras. No Excuses., which is presented by SAPA's and former SAPA's the world-over, and inspires and educates people beyond CMU.


SAPA History

Started in 1996, with only 10 advocates and less than 5 contacts. Those were humble beginnings. The program now has almost 50 advocates and receives over 300 contacts a school year. 

Each member of the group goes through 50-60 hours of training every fall on the topics of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Harassment, and Stalking. Which is beyond what many professional-level advocates get. Most SAPA's get in the range of 120-200+ hours of training before they leave CMU.

Many of our alumni go on to continue the work they started at CMU. There are several former members who are active in the field, and are bringing their unique experience​ from SAPA to all sorts of professions.