​​​​​​​​Included In All Programs*
  • Are presented by trained advocates that have a minimum of 50 hours of training
  • Have at least one advocate in the back of the room in case anyone wants to speak with one during a presentation
  • The presenters will stay after a program in the event that anybody wishes to speak with them. 
  • Are appropriate for all male, all female, or co-ed groups
  • Are capable of being adjusted for a group's wants or needs
  • Include a Q&A session at their end
*These apply only to all programs put on at Central Michigan University. For specifics regarding off-campus programs please contact the Programming Coordinator via email at sapa@cmich.edu.

Sexual Assault Program
Approximate Time: 40 - 60 minutes

​This interactive program covers the definitions of sexual assault and consent, social ​myths surrounding sexual assault, the profile of the most common perpetrator found on college campuses, information on drugs used to facilitate sexual assault, bystander intervention strategies, and how to help a survivor. This program also includes a Survivor's Account**. During this portion of the program a survivor will share their personal story, adding an emotional depth by providing the audience with a real account of the impact sexual assault can have on an individual.

**Not always available. Survivor's Account will depend on the availability of the survivor.

​Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Program
​Approximate Time: 40 - 60 minutes

This interactive program covers the myths and realities of Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence, discussing how and why people enter, stay, and struggle to leave these relationships, the differences between healthy and DV/IPV relationships, and how to help someone in a DV/IPV relationship.

​​The Box Exercise
Approximate Time: 35 - 45 minutes

This highly interactive program sheds light on the power structures and societal attitudes enforced by every day language that helps create a rape-accepting culture. this program can be added to other programs upon request.

​Stalking Program
​Approximate Time: 40 - 60 minutes

This program details stalking, it's definition, the profiles of the people who commit these crimes, the patterns of behavior associated with it, and ways to help.

​No Zebras, No Excuses: Freshman Bystander Orientation
Approximate Time: 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours

This presentation is composed of a series of vignettes and discussions that cover the topic presented in the skit. Subjects include dating violence, sexual assault, "date rape drugs", sexual harassment, stalking, bystander intervention, as well as facts and statistics for college campuses.

All the actors are trained advocates that are available after the program, confidentially, for anyone who needs to talk. Because of the cast-size and time involved in this performance, we require a donation for performances outside CMU. Please contact us for more information and to check availability.

The Sexual Assault Avoidance and Risk Reduction Program
​Approximate Time: 35 - 45 minutes​

A highly interactive program that addresses common sexual assault avoidance strategies and why they do or don't work and then replaces strategies based on myths with strategies based on the realities of sexual assault.