Primary Prevention Program:
No Zebras. No Excuses.

Running time: 1.5 - 2 Hours. 
Fees and pricing will very by location. 

No Zebras. No Excuses. is the first program of its kind to focus on bystander mentality, addressing the impact of intervention on situations of sexual aggression. It stresses sexual aggression can no longer be ignored, empowering students to stand up, take a stand, and help keep others safe.

This program is a required part of orientation for all incoming freshman students at Central Michigan University. Every part is performed by members of the nationally recognized group Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates, and each topic is supplemented by current statistical information.  

In addition to sats, educators will give context of the scenes, talk about implications, and how to effectly engagae in a pro-social way to end the cycle of aggression. 

The scenes and education comes from Thompson's and the advocates expirences as educators and advocates to show the realities of sexual aggression.

No Zebras is facilitated by Steve Thompson, sex crimes profiler and author of No More Fear and Date/Acquaintance Rape: The Crime and Criminal the most comprehensive profile and behavior pattern of acquaintance rapists. 

​Preliminary evaluation shows significant decrease in participants rape myth acceptance.​ 

Further study is currently underway

NZ.jpgNo "Zebras?" What does it mean?

It all starts with a lion, stalking a herd of zebras. The zebras notice and start to run away... The lion isolates one and brings her down.

Seeing the lion is now occupied, the zebras stop running and continue munching on grass nearby. They glance at their fallen friend thinking: "THAT WILL NEVER BE ME."

But who will be next? The zebras outnumber the lion. Standing together, they are more powerful and could eliminate the threat.


 No Zebras. No Excuses 10 Min Preview

Warning: This video does contain strong language. ​​

Video Credit: Ryan Kubec

​ ​​​​​​​