Painted Photographs and Testimonies of
Sexual Aggression Survivors

works by artist Kyle Butler for Central Michigan University Sexual Aggression Services

Spoken is a traveling exhibit available for display nationwide. For booking and upcoming events, please contact sapa@cmich.edu

Spoken is an interactive series of portraits and audio testimonies of survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse. The visual element, the portraits, offer a comfortable entrance into the uncomfortable topics referenced in the testimonies. Obscuring the photographic portrait underneath allows for some anonymity, while still presenting an identity for the viewer to associate with the testimony. The background of each image is left as the open photograph of a location on campus, emphasizing the survivor yet setting them apart. This is an excellent opportunity to see how art can be used in a variety of situations to enlighten, inspire, and encourage others. The goal of the exhibition is to address the realities and myths surrounding sexual aggression, to give voice to these statistics.

Click here to download a sound byte that was featured on NPR.
(The audio file is presented in MP3 format.)

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