Apply to be a Peer Advocate


Thank you for your interest in the Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate (SAPA) Program at Central Michigan University


  • Each applicant must be a CMU student (or a student transferring​ to CMU by Fall training)
  • A two-year commitment is strongly preferred but one year is required. 
  • Must be able to attend interviews and a mandatory two-weekend training the following fall
    • ​See the cover letter of the application for dates and further details
​Click​ here to a​pply

Once you have completed the application please choose one of the following options for submission:
  1. Email completed application to
  2. Place application in a sealed envelope and turn it in to any current SAPA member
  3. Place application in a sealed envelope and turned it in to the Office of Student Affairs (located in Ronan 290). 
Applications are due no later than 5:00pm on February 27, 2015