A Note on getting help for harassment: 
Depending on who is doing the harassing, some CMU institutions have a mandated  internal reporting structure. This is especally true if the harasser is an employee of CMU.

For help in finding who has this mandate: Call us 989-774-2255 (call) 24/7 or SAPA Chat
Or contact the CMU Office of Civil Rights​


Steps to consider include:

  • Avoid: If it's possible, avoid contact with the people harassing you
  • Negotiate: Ask the person to stop the harassing behaviors
  • Confront: Tell the person to stop and inform the administration

What a Victim Can Do:

Act immediately, tell others what happened. (Most harassers have more than one victim; therefore support from others can help reduce isolation and confusion). 

ALWAYS tell the harasser, either in person or in writing, what was offensive and to STOP NOW. This informs the person that the victim will not tolerate offensive behavior. 

Not telling the harasser may hamper the possibility of filing a complaint. If the victim sends a letter, he/she should give a copy to his/her supervisor and keep a copy for herself. If the victim confronts the harasser, there should always be a witness for support.

If the harassment continues, the victim should go to a higher authority with his/her complaint.

Institutional/ Corporate Responses:

  • Informal: Internal, little chance of punishment, no representation, not covered under Freedom of Information.
  • Formal: Representation, civil action, involves EEOC.