In Mount Pleasant, most exams are performed by trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. To access these services please call as soon as possible:

  • Women's Aid (989) 772-9168
  • or SAPA (989) 774-2255

The dual purpose of this exam is to address survivor's needs as well as justice system needs. Survivor needs addressed include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of injuries (there may be internal injuries you may be unaware of)
  • Providing resources for crisis intervention, support, and advocacy
  • Providing prophylaxis against sexually transmitted infections, and referrals for later evaluations
  • Assessing reproductive health issues
  • Providing follow-up contact/care referral

Justice system need addressed include:

  • Obtaining a history of the assault
  • Documenting exam findings
  • Properly collecting, handling, and preserving evidence
  • Post-exam: interpreting, analyzing, and presenting findings as well as providing factual and expert opinion and testimony

While the sooner the kit is collected, the more evidence will likely be preserved, In Mount Pleasant, evidence can be collected with SANE up to 96 hours after the assault. Many evidence collection processes are used.

While not necessary, for best evidence collection:

  • If possible, do not shower or go to the bathroom prior to the exam
  • Bring all clothing worn at the time of the assault, if removed, do not store in a plastic bag
  • Alert SANE nurse/ police of any other evidence (sheets, condoms, etc) or suspected drugging.