Getting Help: Could this have happened to me?

If you're looking for help, please call: 
Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (989) 774-2255 for free, confidential support 24/7.

Sexual assault is anytime, anyone does anything of a sexual nature without expressed, verbal consent. ​​

We are here to help and believe survivors, and support friends and family as they help themselves and friends and loved ones.
Immediate Concerns
Whether you are a survivor, or a supporting friend, here are some issues to consider


Are you in a safe location? Is there a chance the assailant could return?
If you are unsure, 
SAPA has a Safe room call 774-2255 for help.  

2. Medical Care

Injuries: Medical care can provide treatment for injuries; trauma can make injuries seem less critical, and general aches and pains may be difficult to distinguish from a serious or internal injury.

Pregnancy & STI: Prevention and assessment of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention possible within the first 72 hours.

Evidence Collection: A rape evidence kit is a process to collect and test physical evidence for use in a criminal investigation and prosecution. They can be a good tool for survivors who are uncertin if they want to report what happened to the police.

Other issues and more information

Here are links to other sections that can help.

Legal concerns and issues​

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Sexual Assault Stats ​