​​​​​Brooke Oliver-Hempenstall.jpgBrooke Oliver-Hempenstall, MA, LPC
Director, Sexual Aggression Services 

I have worked in the field of sexual aggression since I was an undergraduate student, volunteering with SAPA at Central Michigan University for three years. I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology fro
m CMU and began my work as a Domestic Violence Advocate for nearly eight years with a women’s shelter in Northern Michigan. During that time, I completed my Master of Arts Degree in Professional & School Counseling from Central Michigan University.  

My work experiences include the role of Dedicated Counselor & Assistant Director of Sexual Aggression Services as well as the Director of River House, Inc., a domestic violence shelter. I have advocated for creating positive systems change to develop and enhance services, policies and procedures that impact the lives of those who have been effected by sexual aggression. I believe that through education, a sense of safety, understanding and support, survivors and victims of sexual aggression can be empowered to reclaim their power, rights and voice.   

In my role as Director of Sexual Aggression Services, I oversee the student advocacy organization SAPA. I also offer confidential services and consultation regarding sexual aggression for the campus community.  Additionally, I offer limited individual counseling to those effected by sexual aggression through the Counseling Center. 

Megan Varner, MA, LPC, NCCMegan Varner, Assistant Director.jpg
Assistant Director, Sexual Aggression Services
SAPA Dedicated Counselor, Counseling Center

My experience with sexual aggression began and has expanded in over a decade of work in many roles with SAPA and Sexual Aggression Services. Throughout my time in this field I have worked to improve the advocacy services provided by SAPA as well as within the campus & community to build better connections and unified survivor-centered approaches. I earned both my Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from CMU.

In my role as a counselor, I offer individual sessions and support groups exclusively focused on trauma related to the areas of sexual aggression through the Counseling Center.  It is my belief that providing an environment of trust and a sense of safety are of vital importance to a developing a successful counselor- client relationship.  No two people share the exact same experiences, and I welcome the opportunity to work with each individual as they work along their own chosen path. 

 Rachel Riebow, BA                                                                        Rachel Riebow.jpg

 Graduate Assistant, Sexual Aggression Services

I have been passionate about the field of sexual aggression advocacy for nearly five years since my undergraduate time at Michigan State University. My interest area is in updating university reporting structures to increase transparency for survivors of sexual aggression and adequately informing students on their available methods to get help. 

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Political Science with minors in Educational Studies and Peace and Justice Studies. Here at CMU, I am pursuing my Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Administration. While at MSU, I held numerous student affairs supervisory positions while increasing my knowledge around advocacy, diversity, and inclusion.

In my role as a graduate assistant, I oversee SAPA volunteers and work directly with both the director and assistant director of Sexual Aggression Services. I maintain constant communication with our advocates and implement new and best practices for the organization to promote student development.