Message to Survivors.jpg

A Message to Survivors

Topic: Voices from around the Central Michigan University campus have a message for survivors: We support you. We believe you. You are not alone. We're here for you.

Published: 2018

Length: 0:58

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Who Are CMU SAPAs?
Topic:  A promotional video featuring CMU SAPA's.
Published:  2016
Length:  1:12  

What if bears killed on in five people.jpg
What If Bears Killed One In Five People?

Topic:  1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted by the time they finish college. Do something about it. Take the pledge at
Published:  2015
Length:  2.26 

A safe place to begin.jpg
SAPA:  A Safe Place To Begin

Topic:  Intimate partner violence
Published:  2015
Length: 1:29

Discover SAPA.jpg
Discover SAPA

Topic:  Why Ani Masropian became a SAPA
Published:  2014
Length:  1:44

A safe place to begin 2013.jpg
SAPA:  A Safe Place To Begin

Topic:  SAPA's define sexual aggression
Published:  2013
Length:  3:32

CMU Students Define Sexual Aggression and Discuss its Existence on CMU's Campus.jpg

Topic:  CMU students define sexual aggression and discuss its existence on CMU's campus
Published:  2013
Length:  6:39

Learn More About SAPA.jpg
Learn More About SAPA

Topic:  A promotional video introducing SAPA and advertising "Meet the SAPA Program"
Published:  2013
Length:  1:14