‚ÄčEligible students have a variety of methods for obtaining accessible textbooks made into a format readable by adaptive technology.  

One way to obtain an electronic version of a textbook is to make a request through SDS to the publisher. Eligibility will be verified by Student Disability Services (SDS) records and documentation on file. To make this request, the student must:

  1. Fill out our online E-Text Request Form AND Release Form.docx
  2. Provide proof of purchase of the text requested. This is a requirement of the publishing companies. Students must bring in their receipt showing the purchase of the book or attach it to the E-Text Request Form.
  3. After the E-Text Coordinator reviews and approves your request, you will be notified through your cmich email when your textbook is available. 

Once the request for eText has been made, the publisher will be contacted and the material will be requested on behalf of the student. Since this process may take up to 6 weeks, students are encouraged to make their requests as soon as possible. When the e-Text arrives, the student will be notified by cmich email and can download their textbooks.

If the publisher does not already have an accessible copy, students will be notified through cmich email to bring in their text book to the SDS office to be scanned. This involves cutting the spine of the textbook however, the bookstore will still buy back this textbook at the end of the semester. Once scanned, the text book can be either returned to the student with a plastic "comb" binding, with a standard three hole punch, or returned as is after the process. 

If you have questions or technical problems, please contact SDS at 989-774-3018 or by email at sds@cmich.edu