September 20, 2016 to October 03, 2016

Construction Hotline 989-774-6500

    Campus - Gateway demolition and construction work continues 7/5-9/30 at the southwest corner of the Bellows and Mission Street intersection.  The sidewalk along the northwest side of Special Olympics will be closed and pedestrian traffic will be rerouted.  Construction staging is in Lot 14.

    Gateway demolition and construction work continues 7/11-9/30 at the northwest corner of West Campus Drive and Mission St., intersection.  Construction access will be off West Campus Drive. The work area is contained

    Work to remove the Smart Zone sign on WCD will be occurring on Saturday, September 24.  Through traffic will be reduced to one lane.

    Construction of campus wayfinding/monument signs 9/7-10/31starting along Broomfield Road

    Education & Human Services - Suite 134 is closed for renovations 7/11-10/15.

    Grawn Hall - Construction continues within the fenced area.

    Health Professions - Coping work will begin 9/12-11/15.

    Kewadin - Sanitary sewer repair work continues 8/22-10/7.  Residents will be advised of utility shutdowns in advance.

    North Art Studio - Mechanical work in rooms 200 through 201 continues.

    Power House - Boiler #4 gas burner installation continues 8/1-10/30. The work area is contained.

    Ronan - Portions of the lower level is closed for renovations.

    Rose - New light fixtures will be installed in room 173B 9/7-9/30 and the work area will be contained.

    SAC - The SAC Pool is closed 7/25-1/1/17 for renovations.

    Theunissen Stadium - Construction of the Baseball Performance Center on the northeast side of the stadium began 9/7 and will continue through 1/2017.  The main locker room entrance is closed, alternate access through the dugout.  The construction area is fenced.

    Warriner - Domestic water replacement continues and restroom closures are scheduled as follows:

      First Floor

      WA 119 Men’s - Closed 8/22-10/7

      WA 107 Women's - Closed 8/22-10/7

    Plant Engineering and Planning Department at 989-774-6559​​