Campus Construction Updates

This is the Construction Hotline for 

August 24, 2015 to September 7, 2015

Construction Hotline 774-6500


    Biosciences - Calumet Court used for construction access only until May 2016. Lots 32 & 36 are accessible from Ottawa Court.

    Broomfield Road Primary Cable - Primary cable replacement work is being done and an electrical shutdown is scheduled for sometime in October affecting only the Public Broadcasting and Combined Services Buildings. 

    Combined Services Building - Generator replcement work in the CMU Police Department will begin. The work area will be contained.

    Combined Services Building - HVAC work and work station partitions are being installed in room 108. The work area is closed off.

    East Campus Drive - Paving of the connector street in front of the hotel will be completed by Friday, August 28th. 

    Finch - Temporary cooling units are located in the parking lot until 8/31.

    Foust - Room 251A and Room 255 are closed for environmental work until 9/7.

    Health Professions Building - Room 1410 is closed for repairs until 9/4.

    Health Professions Building - Room 1260 Audiology Lab renovations continue and the room is closed.

    Health Professions Building - Room 1302 environmental chamber renovations continue.

    Lacrosse - Construction continues west of Lot 61. Contractors will be utlizing West Campus Drive and Tower Drive, signs are posted. Building and site work is underway west of Lot 61 and Lot 64 south of SAC Boulevard.

    Moore Hall - 2nd floor restroom is closed for tile work until 8/31.

    North Art Studio - Rooms 202, 203, 204, and 205 on the second floor are closed.

    Pearce - Room 136 and Room 137 renovations continue and are not accessible until August 24, 2015. Temporary partitions are installed at each end of the corridor.

    Pearce - Room 205 renovations continue and the room is closed until 8/31.

    Rose Arena - Fire Alarm work is being done in the lower level locker rooms. The locker rooms remain open and the work area is contained.

    Satellite Energy Facility - Masonry repair work will begin. Lot 16 will be closed at a date to be announced.

    Warriner - Domestic water piping replacement in the basement and tunnels continues. Partitions are being installed around the drinking fountains at the west end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

    Warriner - Plachta Auditorium is closed for renovation work.

    West Campus Drive - Work in the cross walk at Bellows and West Campus Drive near the railroad tracks continues and should be complete by 8/25.​

      If you have any questions, please contact the
    Plant Engineering and Planning Department at 774-6559