September 20, 2016 to October 03, 2016

Construction Hotline 989-774-6500

    Biosciences - Punch list work and move in process continue through December 2016.

    Campus - Construction of campus wayfinding/monument signs 9/7-10/31 at multiple locations across campus.

    Combined Services Building - Police Dept Simulator work continues through 1/2017

    Education & Human Services - Suite 134 is closed for renovations 7/11-11/15.

    Grawn Hall - Construction continues within the fenced area.

    Health Professions - Coping work will begin 9/12-11/15.

    North Art Studio - Mechanical work in rooms 200 through 201 continues.

    Power House - Boiler #4 gas burner installation continues 8/1-10/30. The work area is contained.

    Ronan - Portions of the lower level is closed for renovations.

    SAC - The SAC Pool is closed 7/25-1/1/17 for renovations.

    Theunissen Stadium - Construction of the Baseball Performance Center on the northeast side of the stadium began 9/7 and will continue through 1/2017.  The main locker room entrance is closed, alternate access through the dugout.  The construction area is fenced.

    University Center - UC auditorium will be closed at 4pm on 10/21 until 10pm on 10/23 for renovations.

    Construction of the Alumni Wall begins 10/17/16-10/31/16 near the Information Desk. The work area will be barricaded and the hallway will remain open.

    Warriner - Domestic water replacement continues and restroom closures are scheduled as follows:

      First Floor

      WA 119 Men’s - Closed 8/22-10/28

      WA 107 Women's - Closed 8/22-10/28

    Plant Engineering and Planning Department at 989-774-6559​​