June 13, 2016 to June 27, 2016

Construction Hotline 989-774-6500

    Biosciences - The maroon spine sidewalk is closed from the EHS building north to Ottawa.  Detour signs are posted and traffic is rerouted to the west of EHS.

    Beginning May 9th, Parking Lot 36 will be closed indefinitely and Ottawa Court will end at the Education & Human Services Building.

    Calumet Court will be used for construction access only until July 12th.  Moore Parking Lot 32 will be closed until August.

    Parking Lot 46 will continue to be accessed from Ojibway Court until July 12th

    Sitework will be occurring 6/20-7/1 between Moore and Dow Science to support the Biosciences Project. ADA Critical Path will be temporarily re-routed to the west of Dow Science. The Biosciences fence line will be extended during this time. The existing decorative fence at the southeast of Dow Science will be temporarily removed for emergency egress through the grass area. The east door of Dow Science will be marked for emergency exit only during this period. Pedestrian detour signs will be posted along ADA Critical Path.

    Campus - Sidewalk replacement work began 5/9.  Various locations will be contained and pedestrian traffic will be rerouted: 

    South of Lot 33 5/23-6/3

    Northwest Apartments 6/2-6/15

    East Campus Drive reconstruction between the Power House and Parking Lot 50 entrance drive will begin on 6/27-7/8 with joint repair and milling.  Intermittent lane closures with flagman control during construction hours

    Parking Lot 1 will be closed 6/6-6/30 for the summer auction.

    West Campus Drive reconstruction from Mission St. to approximately 400 feet west of University Park Drive will begin on 6/27-7/8 with joint repair and milling.  Intermittent lane closures with flagman control during construction hours.

    Asphalt path from Lot 70 to Kewadin will begin on 6/27-7/8 and the path with be closed.

    Parking Lot 1 is closed 6/6-6/30 for the Summer Auction.

    Central Energy Fac. - Boiler #5 Retube work will take place 4/18-6/15. The work area is contained.

    Dow Science - The construction of a dumpster enclosure between Dow and Pearce begins 5/9-7/1.  There will be heavy equipment working but the area will remain open with a flagman directing traffic.

    Grawn Hall - The ABSC on the north end of Grawn remains open with the entry relocated to the northwest side of the building.The majority of the building is closed for construction through 8/12.  The work area is contained and directional signs are posted.

    Health Professions - Carls Center is under construction 5/9-8/12 and relocated to room 2150. Check-in at room 1152.

    Room 1250 closed for construction 5/9-7/1.

    Rooms 1101 & 1105 closed for construction 5/16-8/12

    Rooms 2135 & 2138 closed for construction 6/1-6/30.

    Kelly Shorts Stadium - The stadium is closed from 6/6-7/22 for field turf replacement.

    Kewadin - Flooring replacement will take place in APT. #408 6/20-6/22. The space is currently unoccupied.

    North Art Studio - Mechanical work in rooms 200 through 205 continues.

    Park Library - The southeast corner of the 2nd floor will be closed for construction 6/1-8/12.

    Pearce - Rooms 327 and 403 are closed for construction 5/9-8/12.

    Research Lab - Room 136 will be closed 6/13 - 6/17 for the installation of a snorkel exhaust hood.

    Tennis Court - The tennis courts are closed from 6/6-7/29 for resurfacing.

    Towers - Masonry work continues 5/16-8/12 at Carey, Troutman, and Cobb Halls. The staging area is fenced and the work will not impact access to the building.

    University Center - The information desk will be under renovations 6/20 - 8/12. Staff will be relocated to the adjacent open area.

    Roof replacement work starts 6/13-8/12 on the southwest side fo the building The work area is contained and entrances to the building will not be impacted.

    Construction of the new Burrito Bowl begins on 6/20 in room 225. The work area will be barricaded.

    Warriner - Domestic water replacement had begun and restroom closures are scheduled as follows:

      Third Floor

      WA 311 Men’s – Closed 5/9 – 7/29

      WA 315 Women’s – Closed 5/9 – 7/29

      WA 317 Vending/Breakroom – Closed 5/9 – 7/29

      Second Floor

      WA 211 Men’s – Closed 5/10-8/10

      WA 213 Women’s – Closed 5/10-8/10

    West Hall - 112 collaboration area is closed for construction 5/2-8/12.

    Woldt - Room 001 will be under renovation starting 6/20. The work area will be contained and the computer lab will remain open.

    If you have any questions, please contact the
    Plant Engineering and Planning Department at 989-774-6559